It is the policy of Deepee Industrials Limited to vigorously pursue safety, environmental and a healthy working condition, safe equipment and system of work for all our employees.

Hence our policy statement:

  • is committed to providing safe work places for all its employees
  • recognizes that each employee has a right to a working environment which will Not adversely affect his/her health and safety.
  • is committed to protecting the health and safety of its contracting parties/public
  • Prevent loss of or destruction of company properties by fire and other disasters.
  • Minimize damage to the environment to as ALARP (“As low as reasonably practicable”).

This policy will be regularly updated as the case may be; especially due to changes in our operations or business strategies.


  • For all major operational activities a HSE-case will be prepared which includes the documentation of the HSE critical activities and a hazard register. The Register shall clearly indicate the measures being taken in order to control the hazard and to recover from release of a hazard.
  • Based on the HSE- case, a Permit -To -Work (PTW) may be required. The PTW will be issued for all routine maintenance jobs on our locations. The PTW shall clearly indicate the precautions taken to avoid release of any hazard and the required personal protective equipment to be worn when carrying out such job.

Our HSE Policy

Our HSE Manual